Weekend Mega Linkfest: April 13,2017

Some off beat reads for the long weekend:

The Shah of political chess (Outlook)

The famous Scottish statue and it’s traffic cone hat (Mental Floss)

The Syria Catastrophe (N plus 1)

The story of Wangdi Norbu (IQ)

The deadly downside of marathons (Atlantic)

On modernist architecture (Roger Scruton)

Warren Hastings-The man who loved India (Open)

PNC Menon- Billionaire by Chance (Forbes)

Kashmir,Profits, Traitors (Media Crooks)

Ownership Review: Mercedes Benz  GLE 250D (Team BHP)

Travelogue: Cental India (Team BHP)

The inspiring story of fitness instructor Rakesh Udiyar (YS)

Kolkata taxi driver runs 2 schools & an orphanage (BI)

Vadra from Moradabad? (Gossip Guru)

The weird and wonderful Mumbai Falooda (NatGeo)

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Hi Nitin,

So which Luxury SUV you are buying or bought? I kinda observe your likings for a luxury SUV in your weekend linkfest.

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