Weekend Mega Linkfest: April 07,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

How the Dalai Lama escaped 58 years back (IE)

The arrival of Yogi Adityanath (Great Bong)

Why did Nehru refuse merger with Nepal (Post Card)

The Portuguese Inquisition in Goa (India Facts)

Lahore: Paradise Lost (Daily Times)

Take a course in World’s Best Universities for free (WEForum)

Jerks & the Startups they ruin (NYTimes)

Future of loneliness- Internet Isolation (Guardian)

The Hill & the Mountain (Bill Aitken)

Building in the shadow of our own destruction  (Longreads)

Startup Story : BVP (YS)

Eggs,Cheese & Toast – Mumbai style (NYTimes)

Life Rules (Bob Lefsetz)

Travelogue: Iceland (Team BHP)

Gossip: Rats chewed Crores (Gossip Guru)

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