Weekend Mega Linkfest: March 31,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

If you aren’t rich by 45, you might as well give up (BI)

Is fat killing you, or is it sugar? (New Yorker)

5 stages of grief for Lutyen’s media (Great Bong)

The untold story behind Indira Gandhi’s decision to release 93,000 Pakistani Prisoners of War (Wire)

India’s first transgender school (Atlantic)

The religion that the Iranian Mullahs fear the most (Swarajya)

The Curse of the Bahia Emerald (Wired)

How Scott Adams got hypnotized by Trump (BusinessWeek)

Michelangelo & Sebastino (1843)

The sad economics of Internet Fame (Fusion)

Geopolitics: China encircling India (IE)

The Art of the Deal with the Taliban (NYTimes)

The Yoga Lesson (New Yorker)

Rahul Gandhi’s Oxford Venture (Gossip Guru)

Travelogue: Patiala Guide (NatGeo)

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