Weekend Mega Linkfest: March 24,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

DMart’s success is built on Drucker’s truth (Jaggi)

Will Roger Federer ever be done? (GQ)

ScootaCar: India’s first bubble car (TeamBHP)

Startup Story: Flock (YS)

Why Renault took 10 years to succeed in India (FF)

Here’s how you can get Jio Prime for free (DailyO)

Spoof: Military aides try to cheer up Kim Jong Un (Onion)

Food History: Dal (BI)

The Offbeat Guide to Bollywood in Mumbai (NatGeo)

Ethical Traveling (LuxTravel)

What your sleeping position reveals about your personality (Brightside)

The Unfinished Book of Family (IQ)

15 most useful Google Apps you never knew existed (Air Association)

Dreams & Age (Shruti Shah)

Fear,failure and shame (Seth Godin)

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