Weekend Mega Linkfest: March 17,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Narendra Modi-The Only One (Open)

How BJP came to power in Manipur (Caravan)

Domino’s $9 Billion Pizza Empire (Bloomberg)

The untold complete story of GoJavas & Pigeon (The Ken)

Meet the Parsi Baba (Scroll)

History: The Indian Navies of the 18th Century (IQ)

History: The Maratha Commander who captured Lahore (Swarajya)

Ownership Review: Skoda Octavia (TeamBHP)

Startup Story: Rent Pay (YS)

Gone Viral: Trailer of Baahubali 2 (YouTube)

The Shakespeare performers of Cubbon Park (BI)

7 Beaches for a perfect Indian Summer (NatGeo)

5 History Bites about your cup of Ceylon Tea (LuxTravel)

A stay in Lakshadweep (IQ)

18 Weird but brilliant inventions (Brightside)

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