Weekend Mega Linkfest: March 10,2017

Some off beat reads for the long weekend:

Ambani has made the business world’s most aggressive bet (Economist)

The Amit Shah strategy in Uttar Pradesh (5Forty3)

Is it the end of the road for Maoists? (Rahul Pandita)

How long will the Trump Bull Market last (New Yorker)

Looking back on my journey from Bihar to US (Amitava Kumar)

Uber CEO Vs Uber Driver (Bloomberg)

The Dog Whistlers (Media Crooks)

Donald Trump’s worst deal (New Yorker)

The secret to material success (Forbes)

Seth Hukumchand’s 1919 Gold Daimler (TeamBHP)

Gossip: Shivpal Yadav’s tandav (Gossip Guru)

The changing Shillong (IQ)

Travelogue: Secrets of the North East (Nat Geo)

The 12 best chocolate shops in Paris (Lux Travel)

50 utterly unexpected facts about Japan (BrightSide)

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