Weekend Mega Linkfest: February 17,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

BJP in pole position in UP (5Forty3)

Where are India’s Jerry Maguires? (ET)

How Navinder Singh Sarao was scammed out of $ 50 Million (Bloomberg)

GS replaces 600 Equity Traders with 200 Computer Engineers (MIT)

How the BHIM app was built in only 3 weeks (YS)

How Anna Nicole Smith became America’s punchline(Buzzfeed)

NYTimes claws its way to the future  (Wired)

Telegraph journalist on his sacking (DailyO)

Travelogue:Epic 2 weeks in New Zealand (TeamBHP)

Auto Talk: Toyota Fortuner Vs Competition (TeamBHP)

Don’t waste your time on networking events (HBR)

Going part time with your startup (Wharton)

Mukesh Ambani cracks a joke (FE)

Rahul Gandhi gets it (Gossip Guru)

The best resorts in Maldives (Lux Travel)

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