Mega Linkfest: Jan 13,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

When the Feds went after Hedge Fund Legend Steve Cohen (New Yorker)

Badal’s Brother-in-law is Punjab’s Drug KingPin (Caravan)

The Buzzfeed Report that is making Trump go crazy (BuzzFeed)

Can Balasaheb Thackeray explain Trump? (NYTimes)

Jared Kushner’s rise to unimaginable power (NYMag)

BJP eyes Mumbai (DailyO)

The Crimes of Seal Team 6 (Intercept)

Death on the Hippie Trail in India (R&K)

You will get good enough (James Altucher)

Netflix wants the world to binge watch (BusinessWeek)

The Dangal-like story of Mahima Rathod (BI)

Bollywood Gossip (Masand)

Saint Streep Street (Media Crooks)

How some NRIs are making money in Nigeria (Fashion Scandal)

10 Best Shopping Destinations (Outlook)

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