Weekend Mega Linkfest: January 06,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

How Badals are taking Punjab for a ride (Wire)

Dhulagarh  and the media narrative (Great Bong)

The ground beneath India’s feet (Charles Assisi)

How the Berlin attack changed the country (Spiegel)

Is Emirates Airline running out of sky? (BusinessWeek)

History: Eichmann in Jerusalem (New Yorker)

The erasure of Islam from Rumi’s poetry (New Yorker)

How to identify assholes with this simple formula (Bullshit)

How ‘Friends’ triggered the downfall of Western Civilization (Medium)

How American journalists covered the rise of Hitler (BI)

Travelogue:Road Trip Bhutan (Team BHP)

What Varanasi taught me (Lucy Plummer)

How to reinvent yourself (James Altucher)

Secret of Lodha’s Diary (Gossip Guru)

Obituary:Om Puri  (Subhash Jha)

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