Weekend Mega Linkfest:December 23,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Rajat Sharma:India’s most powerful editor (Caravan)

Demonetization is ‘sickening’ and ‘immoral’ (Forbes)

Story of Sukh Sagar restaurants (YS)

Proptiger: No roar or bite (The Ken)

Why real estate in Kolkata is screwed up (Scroll)

Ramanujan and Magic Number 24 (Swarajya)

2 kind acts in 2016 (BI)

The Shia Militias of Iraq (Atlantic)

Otto Bell on Mongolia (Guardian)

Indus Treaty Interrupted (Dawn)

Sleepy Driving:Silent Killer on Indian Roads (Team BHP)

Spoof:Best Photojournalism of 2016 (Onion)

Why I quit my job and moved to Bangkok (NatGeo)

The last Marriage Broker (Open)

How would religions react if we made contact with aliens? (BBC)

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