Weekend Mega Linkfest: December 16,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The real truth about Aleppo (Independent)

Silicon Valley:Valley of Dolts (Outline)

Rant:We are F**king done with these Billion $ cos (AppDupe)

Politics:Betting on Behenji (Open)

Germany’s Kebab Murders (Guardian)

The Godfather Wars (Vanity Fair)

My President was Black (Atlantic)

The Graffiti kids who sparked the Syrian War (Globe & Mail)

The greatest self-help scammer of all time (Paleo)

How India went from world’s education capital to depths of illiteracy (IndiaFacts)

Travelogue:New Zealand’s South Island (TeamBHP)

The secret to doing what you love (James Altucher)

An Indian in search of the perfect cup of tea (DailyO)

Gossip:BJP-NCP Kichdi cooking (Gossip Guru)

Your Grandma was right about idlis (Swarajya)

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