Mega Linkfest: December 02,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Nikki Haley’s Comet (Open)

India could be the first Cash Domino to fall (Forbes)

Haren Pandya’s murder (Saaf Baat)

An illustrated guide to Indian Food Tech (The Ken)

Inside Italy’s Ultras (Guardian)

Whats drinking in Bhutan like ? (NatGeo)

What they don’t tell you about Ayub Khan  (Dawn)

F*** Work (Aeon)

Travelogue: Hampi and Singadur (TeamBHP)

Auto Review: Tata Hexa (TeamBHP)

Spoof:The Vice Presidency of Joe Biden (The Onion)

Scindia’s political blunder (Gossip Guru)

Photos:World’s largest solar plant in India (Inverse)

FAQ’s on National Anthem in Cinemas (Aakar Patel)

Obituary:Fidel Castro,Complete Fraud (Daily Mail)

One reply on “Mega Linkfest: December 02,2016”

The Forbes blatantly misrepresented facts and clear cut paid / ulterior motive article, wonder why Rao posts such articles in his link fest mails recently which otherwise has high quality.
By principle lately is to vote with foot, I don’t read The Hindu anymore since like a year ago.

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