Weekend Mega Linkfest:November 25,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Demonetisation Demythified (Bibek Debroy)

My personal account of the Emergency (Yashwant Deshmukh)

How ‘Art of Living’ teacher saved hundreds of women from ISIS (Swarajya)

Why Arnab Quit (Media Crooks)

How Indians triumphed in America (Economist)

This Company wants to fix India’s sanitation problem (Forbes)

Indian women lift the lid on married life (Guardian)

A Biryani garnished with Hate (Jawed Naqvi)

Ted Talk: Confessions of a depressed comic (TED)

Finland gets rid of all school subjects in curriculum (BrightSide)

The Echo Chambers (Great Bong)

Spoof:Transcript of Sonia Gandhi’s interview (Unreal Times)

Watches: The most iconic Sports Chronos (GQ)

Full Text of Dr.Ambedkar’s last address to the Constituent Assembly (Wire)

Obituary:M G K Menon (BI)

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