Linkfest: November 24,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Foreigners flee India (Bloomberg)

Airtel launches India’s first payment bank (Mint)

Corrupt babus feel betrayed by Modi Govt (ET)

Jan Dhan account deposits swell to 21,000 Crores (BS)

Interview with Samir Arora (Money Control)

3 Fixed Income experts give some advice (Morningstar)

Waiting for a bear market (Prashanth)

Notes from Piramal Enterprises’ Concall (Big Investor)

India’s currency debacle is a warning (Zero Hedge)

Interview with Jack Bogle (Bloomberg)

One reply on “Linkfest: November 24,2016”

For the story ‘Corrupt Babus Feel Betrayed’, the punch line is in the end. “The engineer, despite his initial panic, said he did manage to find a way to launder his savings. What was it? He won’t say”

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