Linkfest: November 23,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

L&T fires 14,000 employees (ET)

Swiss window for black money shuts (Mint)

PSU pack unscathed in market meltdown (BS)

For the first time in India,the rich beg the poor to help them (Sydney Morning Herald)

The curse of Indian Cash Scrappng (FT Alphaville)

The Taj Man Singh Auction (FE)

Charts:Trump is bring 1990s back to the markets (Bloomberg)

The loud silence of the RBI Governor (Quint)

6 ways people pretend to be investors (NYTimes)

Freelance Writing as a way to make money online (FS)

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S. Gurumurthiji has given 33 minute interview to DD News, you may know Gurumurthiji already, he is unbiased political and economic commentator with deep insights. His views and understandings about demonetization is exceptional. In 5 days the video has got more than a lakh hits, please paste it in your blog so that people get to know a nice clear cut analysis.

here is the link:

Ajeya S

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