Weekend Mega Linkfest: November 18,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Why Modi has already won the demonetization gamble (Manu Joseph)

Being Cyrus Mistry (Ashwin Sanghi)

How Trump took Middle America (Guardian)

China’s great leap backward (Atlantic)

Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody war on drugs (New Yorker)

With the Kurdish Peshmerga on the road to Mosul (NYTimes)

More people die in India taking selfies than anywhere else (WP)

Why Catholic Churches have secret astronomical features (Longreads)

Sanjan Day-The Day Parsis escaped Islamists (MyInd)

Obituary:Lt.General S K Sinha (IE)

Travelogue:Dalmatian Coast,Croatia (TeamBHP)

Gossip: Brinda Karat next CPI (M) Chief (Gossip Guru)

On the Kohinoor Diamond (William Dalrymple)

6 Signs to recognize a Psychopath (Curejoy)

7 YouTube stars who became millionaires (YS)

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