Weekend Mega Linkfest : September 23,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Uri avenged (Quint)

Sword of the Brother Enemy (Shashi Tharoor)

Is Angel Investing in India a bubble? (Inc42)

Why political dynasties succeed in India (Caravan)

Cyrus Mistry’s elephant (Economist)

I used to be a human being (New Yorker)

How to raise successful kids without over parenting (TED)

Why Osho called Mother Teresa a Charlatan (HP)

The man behind Unoffical Subramaniam Swamy (NL)

Making sense of modern pornography (New Yorker)

The rich kids of Singapore  (GQ)

Roadtrip : Magical Norway (TeamBHP)

Startup Story: Tax Saver Niyo (YS)

Gossip: AAP sweeping Punjab (Gossip Guru)

Germany’s upside down house (NatGeo)

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