Weekend Mega Linkfest:July 22,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

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A terrifying journey in the world’s most dangerous jungle (OO)

The American who became a Chinese Movie Star (NYTimes)

The fake factory that pumped real money (Bloomberg)

Pics:Maruti’s Manesar Factory (Team BHP)

Why Guru Purnima is unique to Hinduism (DailyO)

Thindi Beedi:Bengaluru’s Food Street (BI)

How a park in South Korea saved local fishing (NatGeo)

How to get verified by Twitter (GQIndia)

21 Greatest Travel photographs of the year (Telegraph)

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Warren Buffett in his younger days followed a technique called coattailing

In this method, you usually follow an experienced investor into a stock.You assume that the experienced investor knows what he is doing and financial fireworks will commence shortly after the experienced investor enters the stock.

Are there such investors in the Indian equity scene that one can follow?

I believe there are.

Take for example, Dilipkumar Lakhi.

He is a very well known diamond exporter from Mumbai (see article). He is quite renowned for his shrewd stock picking prowess.He picked up Uflex very cheap in Dec 2009.(still owns around 4% assuming fully diluted)

Now he has picked up around 6.75 Lakh shares of Dhanbank around Rs.70.33 . (27/02/2012). Another related party Girdharilal Lekhi has picked up 5.4 Lakh shares around Rs.63.66 (23/02/2012)

Dhanbank faced a lot of turbulence recently due to the ouster of its CEO Amitabh Chaturvedi. Despite this ,the stock is up around 22% since then.Maybe Dilipbhai and the markets know something we don’t !!

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