Weekend Mega Linkfest: May 06,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Pakistani Novelist Mohammed Hanif tests the limits (New Yorker)

Sri Sri Ravishankar’s hankering for Nobel Peace Prize (AOLF)

Congress must die (Media Crooks)

Subramaniam Swamy Vs Brajesh Mishra (Wire)

Dealing with parent’s mortality (Rohit Brijnath)

Broke,hungry and trendy (BuzzFeed)

Clinton Vs Trump:Persuasion Scores (Scott Adams)

ISI poisoned CIA Chief in Pakistan (WP)

Paul Manafort:Trump’s campaign genius (Slate)

Why so many smart people aren’t happy? (Atlantic)

How to automatically delete useless photos in WhatsApp (Labnol)

Gossip:Piyush Goyal’s damage control (Gossip Guru)

6 Food Souvenirs from Kolkata (Natgeo)

Book Review:The mind of Alfred Rosenberg,Hitler’s ideologue (Guardian)

Travelogues: Magnificent Madhya Pradesh (Team BHP)

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