Weekend Mega Linkfest:April 22,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

How Islam created Europe (Atlantic)

How Korea cleared its streets for the 1988 Olympics (AP)

Travelogue: Blessed in Bhutan (Team BHP )

Patriotism in Bastar (Outlook)

The design flaw of Taj Mahal (Open)

Air quality worst at 7 am in India(Newslaundry)

Poster boy Nikesh Arora:Overpaid and Underperforming? (Quartz)

The political desperation of Subhash Chandra (Gossip Guru )

Dr.Rao’s Rs.50 invention gives voice back to throat cancer patients (BI)

Startup Story : Cleartax (YS)

Kangana’s shocking emails to Hrithik Roshan (Quint)

The Kohinoor was never a gift (Scroll)

Our underwear,ourselves (New Yorker )

Volunteer holidays you can sign up for (Natgeo)

Weirdest reasons why Indians reject arranged marriage proposals (Dailyo)

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