Weekend Mega Linkfest: March 18,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

On singing the National Anthem (Madhu Kishwar)

How Amol Yadav built an aircraft on his terrace (Better India)

Startup Story:Mast Kalandar (YS)

How politicians burnt down Jhajjar (Dailyo)

Hotel JNU-A shock ballad (Swarajya)

What an Aadhar-enabled future may look like (Wire)

Top 10 reasons why Mother Teresa was a fraud (Libertarian Republic)

The amazing adventures of Sue in Tibet (BBC)

The ISIS story starts with Paul Bremer (Boston Globe)

The Amazon Tax (Stratechery)

High-Tech Coolhunting (Medium)

In Tech, small fish almost always eat the big fish (Stanford)

The Art of the Smear (Bloomberg)

Meet the man who is Rajat Gupta’s antithesis (Scroll)

Photos:India’s last head hunter tribe (BuzzFeed)

One reply on “Weekend Mega Linkfest: March 18,2016”

Mast Kalandar: Used to be very good in OMR, Chennai. Now the whole staff is changed, poor service, spicy food. I was a regular and loved their food, sadly they have gone the commercial way and sacrificed taste and service. Think its downslide article coming at wrong time.

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