Weekend Mega Linkfest:February 26,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

How a couple built a 300 acre private wild life sanctuary (Better India)

Dear Investors,so you want to take Diversity seriously? (Mitch Kapor)

Why I dread the RSS (DailyO)

Open letter to Barkha Dutt from a Social Media Sanghi Troll (OpIndia)

Justice Srikrishna:The beast in us is unleashed (Outlook)

A Chennai entrepreneur in Latin America (Forbes)

The case for quitting your job without a backup plan (Quartz)

How America made Donald Trump unstoppable (Rolling Stone)

China could beat Hollywood by 2017 (Business Week)

Travelogue:Ajanta & Ellora Caves (Team BHP)

How to use Github for free hosting of files (DI)

The Patanjali phenomenon (FF)

Gossip: AAP will win Punjab (Gossip Guru)

A Multi Million House Rentals Startup (Office Chai)

How Vijay Mallya gamed the banking system (Newslaundry)

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