Weekend Mega Linkfest: February 12,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

You to still die one day (The Onion)

Gravitational waves detected confirming Einstein (NYTimes)

How a Facebook page became a 600 Crore Company (OfficeChai)

Why Delhi’s Nizamuddin Dargah celebrates Basant Panchami (Scroll)

The reel and real life of Pran (Quint)

Anatomy of a drug war in New York (NYMag)

Fear and Faith in Dhaka (Open)

Inside Steve Madden’s shoe empire (BuzzFeed)

Medicine without the medicine (Mosaic)

Cross Country Drive:Mumbai to Sikkim (TeamBHP)

The “Alu” brigade of journalists (Jaggi)

Post mortem of (Newslaundry)

Startup Story:Trifecta Capital (YS)

India’s Most Unique Startups (OfficeChai)

19 Funny Tweets about Valentine’s Day (BuzzFeed)

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