Weekend Mega Linkfest: February 05,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

What are the things that only Indians can say? (Quora)

How I scammed Quikr and PayTM (Office Chai)

In the Naxalite “liberated” zone of Bastar (Wire)

Call of the Caliphate (M J Akbar)

The Lutyen’s Power Circle (Media Crooks)

Muslims must return Ayodhya,Kashi & Mathura to Hindus (Muhammed)

Why did two parents murder their adopted child? (Telegraph)

For French Jews,its better to be discreet than dead (BBC)

Homosexuality and Hinduism (OpIndia)

Ghulam Ali:The politics of Ghazal (Tufail Ahmad)

Travelogue:Into the abode of Shiva (TeamBHP)

How to use Google Password Manager (Labnol)

Startup Story: Treebo (YS)

Bollywood Gossip: Karishma Kapoor’s Divorce (FS)

The Raj’s photos of Indians (Quint)

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