Mega Linkfest:January 30,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The End of Twitter (New Yorker)

Elon Musk Vs Warren Buffett (Bloomberg)

Desi man facing 380 years in jail (Fortune)

The rise and rise of Amit Shah (Wire)

CIA releases declassified documents on UFOs (Telegraph)

Making a murderer in Uganda (Foreign Policy)

The penis implant is here (GQ)

Travelogue:Winter Himachal in a Thar (TeamBHP)

Startup Story: Olabi (YS)

Why women need to get tested for cervical cancer (YouTube)

Nathuram Godse:The man who killed the Mahatma (Quint)

Malaysia’s utterly bonkers corruption scandal (Vox)

Indonesia’s call to tackle Islamism (Swarajya)

Donald Trump on India (Quartz)

Photos of the Week (Atlantic)

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