Weekend Mega Linkfest:January 16,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Mufti Mohammed Sayeed: The Collaborator (Caravan)

India looks out (Arun Jaitley)

Bangalore’s Croremangala (Outlook)

The fight for Mosul (New Yorker)

The boy who scored a 1000 runs (Open)

In praise of idleness (Bertrand Russell)

Exploring the Australian Outback (Team BHP)

Why am I so sad about having a boy? (NYMag)

A Hindu soldier’s Aurangzeb (Wire)

The fault in our startups (Haresh Chawla)

How General Jacob got Pakistan to surrender (DailyO)

Mother Teresa as we didn’t know her (OpIndia)

Gossip: Amma is angry (Gossip Guru)

On tenacity in entrepreneurship (A VC)

2016 feels like its the Year of the Bear (Bloomberg)

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