Weekend Mega Linkfest:November 27,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Dr.Ambedkar wanted to burn the Constitution (Quint)

The girl Major Dhruv Yadav left behind (IDR)

Tipu Sultan:Noble Or Savage ? (William Dalrymple)

Open letter by a Mt.Carmel student (DailyO)

Acche Din are already here (IndiaFacts)

Is Science kind of a scam ? (New Yorker)

How Nepal is coping with India’s economic blockade (Scroll)

The ecstasy of Donald Trump (Atlantic)

The “Intolerant ” Indian (Great Bong)

Snake Soup keeps Hong Kong warm in winter (Bloomberg)

Remembering Lachit Borphukan-Shivaji of the East (Swarajya)

The magic of Smita Patil (Jai Arjun)

Travelogue:2,000 km ride around Sri Lanka (Team BHP)

Gautam Adani’s angst? (Gossip Guru)

Scandalous tales of Delhi’s elite  (Fashion Scandal)


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