Weekend Mega Linkfest:20 November,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

India & Pakistan are victims of self-induced myopia (Salman Khurshid)

Gossip:Who will replace Amit Shah? (GossipGuru)

The financial angle behind Sheena Bohra’s murder (Quint)

Girish Karnad:The many masques of the playwright (Sandeep)

The badlands of Meghalaya (Swarajya)

Life as a drone operator (Guardian)

Paris Attacks:The John Oliver Response (YouTube)

Terrorism does not have a religion,but terrorists do (Tarak Fateh)

Ending blowback terrorism (Jeffrey Sachs)

The Dadri Truth-Personal Grudge twisted into a Communal Killing (Quint)

Food Fight between Hindus and Muslims in Indonesia (Caravan)

Romania:The murderers next door (Guardian)

The Silicon Valley Suicides (Atlantic)

Travelogue: Murshidabad (TeamBHP)

Startup:Namastecraft (YS)


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