Weekend Mega Linkfest:13 Nov,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

How a Mckinsey Partner made millions off his maid (Caravan)

Putin’s billionaire daughters (Reuters)

Video:The Knife Intifada (Vimeo)

India re-energized (Samir Saran)

Modi’s power sector reforms are his most important (Swarajya)

The Disney Shanghai (Bloomberg)

Bihar debacle:The way forward for BJP (Tufail Ahmad)

The scheme to transform a remote island into a new Dubai (Guardian)

The Mafia has lost its code of silence (NYTimes)

Living and Dying on Airbnb (Medium)

India’s sacred cows and unholy politics (Shashi Tharoor)

The attempt to erase India’s Muslim past (Nadeem Paracha)

Startup: RentMyStay (YS)

Gaggan Anand:Top Chef (Forbes)

Why Tipu Sultan will always be remembered as a fanatic (Dailyo)

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