Weekend Mega Linkfest:October 16,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Honey,I shrunk your bank branch (Haresh Chawla)

The Half-Deserted Streets of MysorePak Liberals (Sandeep)

Returning of Akademi Awards is politics by other means (Arun Jaitley)

No Godhra means No Modi (DailyO)

Piyush Pandey:Fortune Seller (Open)

The most dangerous political operative in America (Bloomberg)

The death and life of a great British pub (Guardian)

Visiting  a cattle market in Karachi (R&K)

China is not collapsing (Project Syndicate)

Travelogue:5500 Kms,6 States & Butan (TeamBHP)

Durga Pujo Short Story:Mahishashur (Great Bong)

Muhuratmaza: A startup to book poojas online (YS)

Spoof:Bobby Jindal lies to his parents (The Onion)

The most mysterious star in our galaxy (Atlantic)

How school shootings catch on (Malcolm Galdwell)

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