Weekend Mega Linkfest:18 September,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Jyothi Reddy: From a farm laborer to an IT millionairess (YS)

The growing tribe of India’s super rich households (Forbes)

Burning down Mickey Mouse (Medium)

Who killed the 20th Century’s greatest spy? (Guardian)

Angela Merkel and the revival of Germany (Guardian)

How Homo Naledi changes the story of human evolution (NG)

Netaji: Understanding Mamata’s timing (One India)

Why Kashmir marathon was a disaster (DailyO)

The return of rage in Kashmir (Open)

Hero Motocorp’s big battle (Outlook Business)

Why Nandan Nilekani’s sales pitch for Aadhar is hard to buy (NL)

Top 20 selling Car models in India in August 2015 (Team BHP)

How an 18th Century philosopher helped solve my midlife crisis (Atlantic)

Don’t build that killer app just yet (Forbes)

How food became religion in Lima,Peru (Smithsonian)

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