Linkfest:September 15,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Indigo’s IPO gets SEBI nod (ET)

3-4 Lakh Crore of NPA’s due to SEBs (FE)

The transformational story of Ajanta Pharma (Beyond Proxy)

Pathetic Corporate Governance at Birla’s Kesoram Industries (CM)

Sankaran Naren on Value Investing (VRO)

When to sell, what to sell (Bala)

ICICI Research:Buy Bajaj Finserve (MyIris)

What % of monthly income should my home loan EMI be? (Freefincal)

How “sticky” markets beat stock pickers (DR)

Another thing that worked in the past that won’t in the future (IFG)

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