Weekend Mega Linkfest:July 25,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

How Indians took over the Antwerp diamond trade (Scroll)

A portrait of Yakub Memon (Open)

What about those startups that don’t have war chests (FF)

The inside story of Mission Yemen (Forbes)

How Indian Air Force made history with the Kargil war (DailyO)

The downfall of Gujarat’s last Rajput ruler (Caravan)

There is no stopping the Trump show (Atlantic)

How trees calm us down (New Yorker)

The mysterious sleeping villages of Kazakhstan (BuzzFeed)

The myth of the ethical shopper (Huffington Post)

Travelogue:Divegar and Hari Hareshwar (Team BHP)

Auto Review: BMW 320d (Team BHP)

The horseman of the Jewish Apocalypse (Project Syndicate)

A genomics-based diagnostics startup called MedGenome (YS)

On Sholay, 40 years later (Wire)

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