Weekend Mega Linkfest:December 05,2014

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Meet the King of Online Gambling (Forbes)

Is Venture Capital killing India’s startups? (Mahesh Murthy)

Divesh Makan:The Spider of Silicon Valley (Forbes)

Power and persuasion on the Frontier (Open)

Ram Madhav:The Pracharak is going places (Outlook)

GrowthStory’s Billion Dollar dreams (ForbesIndia)

The incredible shrinking incomes of young Americans (Atlantic)

The world cracks down on the Internet (NewYorker)

Why young Germans are joining the ISIS (Der Spiegel)

How not to get away with murder (DMagazine)

Owner Review:Mahindra Thar (TeamBHP)

Why every Indian should visit Pakistan (Dawn)

Remembering Deven Varma (JaiArjun)

Who is afraid of Elon Musk’s batteries? (Bloomberg)

Top 10 Mind Hacks to help you save money (LifeHacker)

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