Portfolio of Dolly Khanna

This post is in continuation of my coat tailing series (see here)

While interacting with readers for my Investor Wisdom Newsletter, one reader expressed the desire to know the significant shareholdings of Dolly Khanna.

Now Dolly Khanna is a well known investor in value investing circles and is known for her shrewd picks.

Her portfolio as on 31st March,2013 is given below:

Symbol # of Shares %
PAPERPROD 896637 1.43
HAWKINS 122816 2.32
HERITGFOOD 203828 1.76
RSSOFTWARE 282370 2.33
SELAN 277469 1.65
ABCIL 343903 1.47
CERA 145833 1.15
RELAXO 120342 1
NUCLEUS 328841 1.02

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13 replies on “Portfolio of Dolly Khanna”

Rajiv khanna (related to dolly khanna) has 1% stake in rapicut carbides since dec 2012.

Apologies…I don’t give buy/sell advice on individual stocks on the blog

plzzzz mension for first time to invest in market
a list of formate for invest in share market

Who is Dolly Khanna? An individual investor or a fake name used by an institutional investor? Looks like an Insider job!

I love the posts on this blog. Want to know more about Dolly Khanna.

Hi ,,
There is a news in Market that Khannas are investing in HFCL ,which has RIL investment. Kindly inform if its true.

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