Weekend Mega Linkfest:April 06, 2013

Some interesting off beat reads for the weekend:

Do our politicians think power is poison? (UnrealTimes)

Travelogues:Mystical Borong (TeamBHP)

7 habits of highly effective idiots on Indian roads (TeamBHP)

The Opening ceremony of IPL (GreatBong)

Movie Review:Himmatwala (VigilIdiot)

What’s the most ass kicking advice you got for your startup? (Rodinhoods)

Election night in Peru’s largest prison (Harpers)

The divorce from hell (TampaBay)

What is the business of literature? (Vgronline)

A nightmare in real life (WashingtonPost)

Rahul Speaks (Economist)

Where have all the secretaries gone? (Businessweek)

How the chess set got its look and feel (Smithsonian)

How Iran won the war on drugs (ForeignAffairs)

Obituary:Roger Ebert, legendary movie critic (Slate)

North Korea’s nuclear game theory (NewYorker)

Mom and Pop:The world’s worst investors (MarketWatch)

Cougar night in Silicon Valley (VanityFair)

What four decades of marriage taught a grateful husband (Atlantic)

Watch the throne:Nawaz Sharif on the cusp of power (Caravan)

Narendra Modi:From Hermitude to Holography (Outlook)


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