Linkfest: February 20,2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Tata to join Rcom-MTS-Aircel combine (ET)

What scares me in a Mutual Fund today (Subramoney)

The ridiculous salaries at Flipkart (Quartz)

Are we becoming information obese? (Ankur Jain)

The impact of longer investor time horizons (CS)

How to book cheap flight tickets from India (Jago Investor)

Want to be rich…or free? (Financial Samurai)

The market always wins (Wealth Daily)

A F*** You Money Attitude (Signal Vs Noise)

The #1 Money Lesson to teach your kid (BI)

Top Clicks on Alpha Ideas This Week

Here are the most clicked on items this week on Alpha Ideas :

Portfolio of Ashish Kacholia (AI)

Ad: #IValueYou (AI)

The Curious Case of India Cement Sector (AI)

Mr.Naik wants to you to make some money (AI)

BJP in pole position in UP (5Forty3)

Who is the greatest stock picker of all time? (AA)

And the award for best performance this Quarter (AI)

How NOT to run a New Bank (AI)

Mark Mobius’ favored themes in India (Quint)

Interview with Vallabh Bhansali (Morningstar)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: February 17,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

BJP in pole position in UP (5Forty3)

Where are India’s Jerry Maguires? (ET)

How Navinder Singh Sarao was scammed out of $ 50 Million (Bloomberg)

GS replaces 600 Equity Traders with 200 Computer Engineers (MIT)

How the BHIM app was built in only 3 weeks (YS)

How Anna Nicole Smith became America’s punchline(Buzzfeed)

NYTimes claws its way to the future  (Wired)

Telegraph journalist on his sacking (DailyO)

Travelogue:Epic 2 weeks in New Zealand (TeamBHP)

Auto Talk: Toyota Fortuner Vs Competition (TeamBHP)

Don’t waste your time on networking events (HBR)

Going part time with your startup (Wharton)

Mukesh Ambani cracks a joke (FE)

Rahul Gandhi gets it (Gossip Guru)

The best resorts in Maldives (Lux Travel)