Linkfest:May 04, 2012

Some stuff I am reading this morning:

Reliance Industries spends only 5% of its buyback kitty so far (EconomicTimes)

Will Rupee tumble to 60 against the $ ? (Firstpost)

RBI Watch:ECB Data for March 2012 (RBI)

How Pawan Ruia is screwing minority shareholders (NeerajMarathe)

Special report on bullion and energy by SMC (ValueNotes)

Marginal oil production costs are heading towards 100$ barrel (FTAlphaville)

BCCI’s boss’s son punches cop (MumbaiMirror)

India’s Demographic Dividend

In an excellent paper written for the American Enterprise Institute, Nicholas Eberstadt states that :

Over the next two decades, India‘s total population is set to grow by a little over 1% per annum, possibly becoming the world‘s most populous state before 2030—and almost all of this growth would be working age manpower. As India‘s manpower pool grows, the country‘s ―dependency ratio (the ratio children under 15 and persons over 65 to working-age population) will be falling, and the society will remain relatively youthful. Such changes in population structure could facilitate higher levels of national savings, investment, and thus —all other things being equal—economic growth.


The catch?Lack of education access (education deficit) and proper medical facilities (health deficit) for millions of Indians can possibly spoil the party.

What was that again?

“The balance sheets of all banks in 2012 are weaker than in 2008. The banking sector as a whole today is less liquid, less profitable, less stable, less sound and with poorer asset quality as compared with 2008 and the recent past”-Haseeb Drabu , former CEO, J&K Bank said in an article in Mint


Linkfest: May 03, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

HDFC Life posts a profit-IPO likely in FY2014 (Financial Express)

Riding a mega trend-Petronet to start third LNG terminal (Business Standard)

Realty Watch:Mumbai builders see no price cuts in FY2013 (MoneyControl)

Honeywell warns India is scaring away investors (WSJ)

Nifty stuck between 50 and 200 DMA (CapitalMind)

Inside Chesapeake, CEO ran 200 Million $ hedge fund (Reuters)

10 Reasons you should never own stocks again (Altucher)