Nifty Observations

Sensex Vs Nifty-The generation gap

There was an interesting discussion at Atma about which index better represents the Indian market-the Nifty or the Sensex.

I find that the answer often depends on the age of the person. For old timers (above 40), the answer is the Sensex.They have spent the better part of their trading lives talking,dreaming and thinking about the Sensex.

For the young ‘uns, it is the Nifty.They trade F&O on the Nifty and can tell you its movement tick by tick.They will be hard pressed to even know what the Sensex levels are.

So when somebody asks you where the market is, the index you quote tells something about you as much as it does about the market !


Site Review:Track Stocks Smartly

The Indian financial blogsphere  is getting interesting with quite a few interesting blogs and sites out there.

One interesting site is Track Stocks Smartly. What this site does is collect data from NSE and BSE and posts it here in a very user friendly format.

Anyone using the NSE site knows what a pain in the neck it is to download their zip files, unzip it and then extract the relevant information.

This site is great for tracking bulk deals, insider trades, announcements and corporate actions.

Check it out for yourself !!


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