RBI Governor’s Zero Sibal Moment

Kapil Sibal earned the sobriquet of “Zero Sibal” for saying on National TV that there were no losses due to the 2G spectrum sale by Raja.

Now RBI Governor Subbarao is following Zero Sibal’s footsteps

When asked about the issue of loss incurred by not auctioning the spectrum, Subbarao – who was Finance Secretary between April 30, 2007 and September 4, 2008- is learnt to have said that while there was no loss to the exchequer, even if there was, it was only notional in nature. He said there was no monetary loss in actual terms. “Much depends on perception,” he is learnt to have told the JPC.-from the BS

Mamata SMSes Sonia

Mamata Banerjee in her press conference yesterday said that she SMSed Sonia Gandhi asking her to rollback the diesel hike etc.But Sonia did not respond.

Isn’t it amazing that the Chief Minister of one of the post populous states in India communicates with the Head of the ruling coalition via SMS?Why can’t they just pick up the phone and talk to each other?

SMSes are notorious for their security imperfections.What if somebody intercepts/hacks these SMSes and alters them?

The lack of communication between these two powerful women is astonishing.No wonder UPA 2 in its present avatar has been unable to govern.

Maybe both these ladies need to learn from Govinda “What is your mobile number?Karni hai friendly baatein, give me your dial number !!”


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