Offbeat Sunday Reads:May 27, 2012

Some offbeat Sunday Reads:

A life worth ending (Nymag)

Death of a hostess (Time)

Justice in Guatemala (Prorepublica)

The Bhutan escapades (TeamBHP)

Movie Review:The Grey (BharadwajRangan)

Book Review:Em and the Big Hoom (JaiArjun)

An open letter to a prospective Indian Employer (GreatBong)


Weekend Reading:May 26, 2012

Some great reading for the weekend:

Why partying is hard in India (NewsLaundry)

The curious case of empty Adidas godowns (ForbesIndia)

How Google can beat Facebook without Google Plus (Atlantic)

Photos:Inside Ambani’s exclusive residence in Mumbai (VanityFair)

What is Nepaliness? (Economist)

The South African President’s spear (NewYorker)

The bizarre legal case that could force 1.2 Million Canadians to marry against their will (Slate)



Linkfest:May 25, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Price hikes fuel discounts on petrol cars (FinancialExpress)

Indian Buffett goes shopping (BS)

Why Congress has decided to go for Jagan’s jugular (ToI)

Email, wiretaps link Gupta to Rajaratnam (Reuters)

Narasimha Rao:The man who reinvented India (The National)

Bracing for a Greek exit (DailyReckoning)

Happy people make terrible traders (PsyFi)


Linkfest:May 24, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Rupee trapped in vicious spin (WSJ)

Goldman seals India’s biggest office space deal (ET)

The high price India pays to maintain the status quo (NYTimes)

Challenging times see exit of MF honchos (BusinessStandard)

Galleon’s partner’s eyes “popping” after trade (Bloomberg)

How does Michael Dell keep his job (247WallStreet)

The delusion of regulating risk (DailyReckoning)

The Indian Rupee is getting crushed (FTAlphaville)


Linkfest:May 23, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Rupee freefall hurts foreign investors (WSJ)

Weak Cement prices will affect profitability (Mint)

JSW Energy:Desperately seeking black gold (BusinessStandard)

The ultimate bullish presentation for gold (BusinessInsider)

Is Facebook the rusty hinge of the stock market? (DailyReckoning)

Even the underwriters were sick of Facebook ! (DealBreaker)

Bollywood gossip of the week (RajeevMasand)