Pranab hangs up on Vodafone

Many investors thought that by deferring GAAR by a year, the finance minister Pranab Mukherjee has “blinked”.

But in his speech to Parliament today, he said the following:

 GAAR I had agreed to defer one year not because of any fear or apprehension. I may be a very small man, very little man but one thing I can assure and I can tell the distinguished members of Parliament that I am not afraid of any consequences.

The last point, which was referred to by Shri Advaniji, is about the operation against black money. My whole argument on the Vodafone was on that point. It is because my point is very simple. I would like to be guided either by the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement or tax. There cannot be a situation where somebody will make money on an asset located in India and will not pay tax either to India or to the country of its origin by making some arrangements to certain tax haven areas, to certain tax haven locations through a complicated setting up of a series of subsidiaries, and having huge capital gains on the assets located in India.


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The Dark Knight Rises in Wasseypur

An amazing mashup of the two most anticipated movies The Dark Knight Rises and Gangs of Wasseypur


Hard Landing for Kale Consultants?

Kale Consultants is a leading solutions provider to the global airlines and travel industry.

On Feb 6, 2012 , it had announced a buyback of its shares at up to Rs. 160/ share

The buyback closed on May 2 ,2012 having utilized the full amount of the buyback (around Rs.12.97 Crores)

Now that a significant source of buying power for the stock has been removed, expect the stock to drift lower from its current levels of Rs.125



Steve Wynn’s take on Chinese Consumers

Steve Wynn is one of the richest men in the world.

In this must watch video, he mentions how his family started from scratch in America and analogies to Chinese consumers