Linkfest: March 30,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

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Catholic Syrian Bank to file for IPO in April (Reuters)

NBFCs want to offer 0% EMIs online (Capital Mind)

Peak Gold? Goldman Sachs calculates only 20 years of supply is left (ZeroHedge)

Edelweiss Research Report: ITC (MyIris)

Howard Marks on Liquidity (OakTree)

Dealing with trading setbacks (Adam Grimes)

Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy (Insecurity Analyst)

Going to a top business school will cost you 99,000 $ per year (Bloomberg)

The man who ranks the world’s best whiskies (BS)

The Best Insurance Policy

Wise words from Lee Kuan Yew which people in risky professions (think trading,glamor etc) might do well to heed:

“I was dead set against the system. But going into politics meant a hazardous, peril-fraught career.

“It’s not a career, it’s a vocation. You’re taking a plunge, no return. And if you fail, you pay for it with your life. The communists, if they fix you, they fix you good and proper.”

But, he admits, he had the luxury of allowing his convictions to rule his decision as his wife, Kwa Geok Choo, was herself a successful lawyer.

“My great advantage was I have a wife who could be a sole breadwinner and bring the children up. That was my insurance policy.

“Without such a wife, I would have been hard-pressed. To be fair, I was able to make these decisions because I had this fall-back position, I was insured.”-said Lee Kuan Yew