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Prem Watsa:Modi is the Lee Kwuan Yew of India

I am inspired by the Prime Minister because for the first time in about 67 years this country has a prime minister who is pro-business, a prime minister with a track record of achievement in Gujarat, a prime minister who is not corruptible, a prime minister who is focused on what is good for the country and has huge ambition for India. I think of Lee Kwuan Yew in Singapore, I have said publicly in Canada, Mr Modi is the Lee Kwuan Yew of India. For a person who has done it in Gujarat, the opportunity will be unlimited in India and India is blessed to have a leader of Prime Minister Modi’s qualities and talents. Once in a while a country gets lucky to have a leader like Narendra Modi. India is going to be a land of opportunity again. It is going to be great for everybody. There are very few countries in the world today that are as exciting as India.

-said Prem Watsa, known as the Warren Buffett of Canada

Linkfest:November 24,2014

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