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Linkfest: October 01,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Tata Motors:The car dream that turned sour (BS)

2 PE funds in contest to wrest control of Destimoney (ET)

The fine print of Anil Ambani’s AGM speeches (Mint)

Customer is king this Diwali (Firstpost)

You can’t even spell capitulation (TRB)

Nobody wants gurus,they want systems (Upshot)

A Mumbaikar gets shocked in Delhi (Subramoney)

The Central Bank experiment that is destroying the economy (DailyReckoning)

More crap from the Economist about Modi (Economist)

Rajdeep Sardesai reveals his ugly character in New York (MediaCrooks)

Linkfest: September 30,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Market Timing is for the birds (USAToday)

RBI isn’t planning a rate cut (Mint)

The great festive real estate show is on (FE)

Roll over FMPs only if you don’t need cash (BS)

Decide whether you want quick money or more money (RJ)

The low stress retirement calculator (FreeFinCal)

Why investment advice can be so confusing (CommonSense)

The trade that led to the demise of PIMCO Total Return (PragCap)

Why Peak Oil predictions haven’t come true (Climateer)

How a 10 year old girl got her father to quit his $100 Million a year job (CSM)