Weekend Mega Linkfest: July 21, 2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

What is the matter with Narayana Murthy? (Charles Assisi)

The Battle for Mosul (NYTimes)

Modi’s road to 2019 (Open)

Pranab Mukherjee ought to be condemned (Kuldip Nayar)

The Indira Gandhi trickery (Media Crooks)

A French Comic Book talks about dangers of Hindutva (Scroll)

The rise and fall of F. Lee Bailey (Town & Country)

Sufis in California (The Fader)

How can we stop algorithms telling lies? (Guardian)

Now Airbnb is wrecking mountain towns too (Long Reads)

Gossip: Pranab Mukherjee may lead Congress (Gossip Guru)

Trekking: Chadar 2017 (Team BHP)

Mumbai has a 66 Million Year Old Secret (BI)

Photo Essays: Love in Bombay (IQ)

India-Pakistan Diary (Kiran More)

Linkfest: July 21, 2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Patanjali dream run may be coming to an end (ET)

Wipro to go for Rs.11,000 Crores buyback (Mint)

Pension schemes for senior citizens to launch today (BS)

I am the Toll Bridge, a 100 Bagger (Amit)

Analysis: Ishan Dyes & Chemicals (Dr Malik)

Meeting Managements (Calculated Wagers)

Bill Miller: The unreformed Stock Picker (Forbes)

On simple markets (BCLund)

The easy money is being made (Irrelevant Investor)

Innovate or Die (Pension Partners)