Two Wheelers

Bet on BET

Rajiv Bajaj, MD of Bajaj Auto Ltd : “Indian two-wheeler companies are not lightweight as some start-ups might like to think. Instead of betting on start-ups he would bet on BET (Bajaj, Enfield, TVS)

Source : Business Standard

Trading Volumes at Record Highs

Source : Business Standard

Linkfest: 06 October, 2022

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Mega Trend: Pet Care

The positive effect of the pandemic is even more pronounced in Pet Care than in coffee because the number of pets has increased significantly in almost all major markets.

My own household gives you the best example: We went into the pandemic with one dog and came out with two – a growth rate of 100% (laughs)!

In addition, the two growth drivers that prevailed before the pandemic remain intact: In emerging markets, we are seeing a shift from feeding pets food waste to dedicated feed, which is more hygienic and healthier for the animal.

This trend is accompanied by rising middle-class affluence.

In developed markets, we are benefiting from the long-term trend toward premiumization: higher-quality pet food with scientific formulations that are tailored to the pet’s needs. There is no end in sight to these trends.

-Said by Nestle CEO Mark Schneider


Linkfest: 05 October, 2022

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Some stuff I am reading today morning:

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