Portfolio of Kuwait Investment Authority in India

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Kuwait Investment Authority  manages the investment funds for the Government of Kuwait

Its’ significant holdings in India as on 31 March,2015 as per Stock Exchanges is given below:

Company Name Symbol Entity Name Date End # of Shares % Value (In Crores)
Ashok Leyland Limited ASHOKLEY KUWAIT INVESTMENT AUTHORITY – FUND NO. 208 201503 34940409 1.23 235.67
Gateway Distriparks Limited GDL KUWAIT INVESTMENT AUTHORITY FUND 208- 201503 3436945 3.16 123.32
INOX Leisure Limited INOXLEISUR Kuwait Investment Authority-Fund no.208 201412 4563357 4.73 74.59
Marico Limited MARICO KUWAIT INVESTMENT AUTHORITY – FUND NO. 208 201503 6682892 1.04 264.64
PTC India Limited PTC KUWAIT INVESTMENT AUTHORITY FUND 225 201503 7019422 2.37 52.01
Redington (India) Limited REDINGTON Kuwait Investment Authority Fund 201503 5219081 1.31 64.56
Simplex Infrastructures Limited SIMPLEXINF KUWAIT INVESTMENT AUTHORITY FUND 227 201503 584013 1.18 25.59

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Pre-IPO Opportunity in the shares of Catholic Syrian Bank

The Catholic Syrian Bank is a Private Bank based out of Thrissur,Kerala.

It has filed for its IPO with SEBI.The Draft Offer document can be downloaded from here

A limited quantity of its shares are on offer for sale.For those interested,please email me at Alpha Ideas.

A brief presentation of the Bank is given below:

Download (PDF, 347KB)