Weekend Mega Linkfest: January 19, 2018

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Beyond the Bitcoin bubble (NYTimes)

The Fall of Uber’s Founder Travis Kalanick (BusinessWeek)

The women who took on the Mafia (New Yorker)

How to save the African National Congress (Atlantic)

The Beatles magical mystery tour of India (Mint)

Gang of Four (Media Crooks)

Road Trip: 5000 Kms in New Zealand (TeamBHP)

History: The Moplah Revolt (Swarajya)

North Korea exposed (SCMP)

Time running down on Thailand’s junta (ATimes)

Cancer Diagnosis from a Blood Test? (Wired)

What failing CA exams 8 times taught me about life (Arre)

Take all my money (J Mathrubootham)

Mumbai Notebook (Anil Dharker)

Life Changing trips for couples (T&L)

Linkfest: January 19, 2018

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

HDFC Bank market cap crosses 5L Crores (Mint)

GST Council cuts tax rates on 49 items (FE)

Stock Talk: Fiem Industries (MC)

Stock Talk: Royal Orchid Hotels (Abhishek Basumallick)

IDFC Bank finds itself a new suitor (IIAS Advisory)

Parabolic moves don’t end up going sideways (Macro Tourist)

Will you know what to do when stocks fall? (DR)

Zen and the art of tail risk recognition (Deal Breaker)

Risky Business (Morgan Housel)

Owning yourself (A VC)