Linkfest:May 05,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Stanley Druckenmiller: Get out of stock market,buy gold (CNBC)

BSE suspends trading in Ricoh India (MoneyControl)

Higher derivatives lot size boosts margin trading biz (BS)

Investors pick Indian monsoon winners (Bloomberg)

Stock Review: Godrej Consumer (Mint)

EM investors share views on India & China (Morningstar)

Steps towards financial freedom (Subramoney)

What’s in a multiple? (Financialist)

Warren Buffett finally comes clean (DR)

Buffett lessons for Value Investors (AA)

Linkfest: May 04,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

How Subramaniam Swamy changed the game in Rajya Sabha (Jaggi)

What I took away from Buffett’s shareholder meet (Raamdeo Agarwal)

IPO Review: Parag Milk Foods (BS)

India is suffering its worst drought in decades (Bloomberg)

Rural distress dries up FMCG volumes (BL)

Federal Bank draws big investors (ET)

SEBI’s new rule on settlements to help Reliance (Mint)

Is “Margin of Safety” an excuse for doing nothing? (Aswath Damodaran)

Ranking 30 sectors by equity performance 1933-2015 (PE)

Steve Cohen:Talent is thin (Bloomberg)

Portfolio of Vallabh Bhanshali

This post is in continuation of my coat tailing series (see here)

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Vallabh Bhanshali of ENAM is a well known investor in the Indian stock markets.

His investments in India as on 31 March,2016 as per Stock Exchanges is given below:


Company Name Symbol Entity Name Date End # of Shares % Value (In Crores)
Future Retail Limited FRLDVR Vallabh Roopchand Bhanshali 201603 681907 1.73 8.81
Genus Power Infrastructures Limited GENUSPOWER VALLABH ROOPCHAND BHANSHALI 201603 2985700 1.16 16.82
Greenlam Industries Limited GREENLAM VALLABH ROOPCHAND BHANSHALI 201603 319100 1.32 19.73
JBF Industries Limited JBFIND Vallabh Roopchand Bhanshali 201603 871400 1.06 19.45
Ramky Infrastructure Limited RAMKY VALLABH BHANSHALI 201603 609259 1.07 3.31
Saregama India Limited SAREGAMA Vallabh Roopchand Bhansali 201603 251000 1.44 7.87
Simplex Projects Limited SIMPLEX Vallabh Roopchand Bhanshali 201603 393300 3.12 1.16
Usha Martin Limited USHAMART VALLABH ROOPCHAND BHANSHALI 201603 3206400 1.1 4.67
Vascon Engineers Limited VASCONEQ VALLABH ROOPCHAND BHANSHALI 201603 1765000 1.09 5.04
Zodiac Clothing Company Limited ZODIACLOTH VALLABH ROOPCHAND BHANSHALI 201603 663300 3.4 14.6