Forecasting Folly:Porinju Edition

Hat Tip:Bond Lady

Here’s what well known investor Porinju Veliyath tweeted in Oct 2014.


Today Unitech closed at 4.15 Rs.

Forecasting Folly, anyone?


Portfolio of Porinju Veliyath

This post is in continuation of my coat tailing series (see here).

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Porinju Veliyath of Equity Intelligence is a well known SEBI-registered PMS manager.

His significant holdings in India as on 30 June,2015 as per Stock Exchanges is given below:

Company Name Symbol Entity Date End # of Shares % Value (In Crores)
Accel Transmatic 517494 Porinju V Veliyath 201506 171478 1.55 0.15
Eastern Treads Limited 531346 EQUITY INTELLIGENCE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED 201506 100000 1.91 0.77
Eastern Treads Limited 531346 PORINJU V VELIYATH 201506 77773/td>

1.49 0.60
Hind Industries Limited 526307 Equity Intelligence India Pvt Ltd 201503 580199/td>

6.72 1.45
IZMO Limited IZMO PORINJU V VELIYATH 201506 215000 1.78 1.6
Jubilant Industries Limited JUBLINDS Porinju V Veliyath 201506 120000 1.01 2.01
Kerala Ayurveda Limited 530163 EQUITY INTELLIGENCE INDIA PVT LTD 201506 172280 1.63 1.2
Selan Exploration Technology Limited SELAN Equity Intelligence India Pvt. Ltd. and its Clients as PACs under Portfolio Management Service 201506 831758 5.07 22.45
Simran Farms 519566 Porinju V Veliyath 201506 40000 1.05 0.16
Stylam Industries 526951 Porinju V Veliyath 201506 75000 1.03 0.88

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“Bright, energetic people—usually quite young—have promised to perform miracles with “other people’s money” since time immemorial. They have usually been able to do it for a while—or at least to appear to have done it—and they have inevitably brought losses to their public in the end.”- from The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham