Linkfest:Feb 08, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Notes from Charlie Munger’s Daily Journal meeting (Marketfolly)

Is SKS Microfinance a dream or nightmare? (Mint)

List of instruments with tax benefits under section 80 C (FirstPost)

Mahindra group may launch 10 seater aircraft by 2014 (FE)

Income Tax surcharge likely on income over 1 Crore (BS)

Where to invest now? (Subramoney)

Jim Rogers joins Bill Gross in warning about US Treasuries (Bloomberg)

Q a trader asks:Am I being smartly stubborn or stubbornly stupid? (Chicagosean)

Another blogpost that won’t make any money (Reuters)

David Einhorn Vs Apple (TRB)


Linkfest:Feb 04,2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

US objects to India sourcing IT products locally (BusinessLine)

Don’t bet on a bullish market just yet (Firstpost)

Posco land acquisition amidst clashes (FE)

Using NPS to make employees richer (ET)

Current context augurs a Modi wave (Mint)

Properties will be fastest growing business for Godrej (BS)

Warren Buffett’s stock market valuation metric (SeekingAlpha)

Signs that its time for a new broker (NYTimes)

Invest not invade (DailyReckoning)

Return of the Comedy king (Mediacrooks)