Linkfest:Feb 27,2013

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

All you need to know about the rail budget 2013 (Firstpost)

Wind up or stop charging:SEBI to MF laggards (Mint)

India to foreign firms:Pay more taxes (WSJ)

Why the Italian elections has shaken investors (ET)

TCS to pay 30 Million $ to settle wage dispute (BS)

Assets, assets and liabilities (Subramoney)

Buffett’s shift to wonderful businesses (Gurufocus)

The spin off anomaly (Falkenblog)

Post coup investing (DailyReckoning)

Is Twitter really worth 10 Billion $ ? (WSJ)


Linkfest:Feb 26, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Sanjay Dangi’s portfolio stocks hit by margin pressures? (Moneylife)

Indians, bring out your gold (WSJ)

Here’s why midcaps crashed (ET)

Parents being charged 3-8 Lakh in fees for nursery admissions (FE)

2G spectrum auction fails before it begins (Mint)

Ratnakar Bank finds profits where others fear to tread (BS) (Hattip Gaurav)

Pinocchio traders with fantastic returns are lying to themselves (WashingtonPost)

The SEC like everyone else did not believe Citi’s financial statements (Dealbreaker)

The Chopper scam and the credit squeeze (MediaCrooks)

A million miles away (TRB)


Linkfest:Feb 25, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Homegrown hedge funds line up entry (Mint)

SEBI set to overhaul insider trading rules (ET)

Azim Premji gives $ 2.3 Billion to charity (WSJ)

SEBI warns of share price foul play in open offers (Moneycontrol)

What is the character of those of who protect us? (Sandeepweb)

Herbalife battle shows how game is rigged (Bloomberg)

God’s Honest Financial Truths (Cassandra)

Of unexpected death (EpicureanDealmaker)

Free 100 $ bills are hard to come by (AswathDamodaran)

The story of nine financiers (TRB)


Linkfest:Feb 22, 2013

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

How Robert Vadra made a killing in the Rajasthan sun (Firstpost)

Raid on babus reveal 100 Crores in cash, properties (FE)

Phaneesh Murthy aims to shake up IT industry’s billing model (ET)

Foreign investors lose appetite for FCCBs (BS)

Facing the crash (ValueInvestorIndia)

Rohit Pradhan’s perverse communalism (Sandeepweb)

Rio’s Mongolia Copper dream awakens 20 year old nightmare (Bloomberg)

12 market wisdoms from Gerald Loeb (Ivanhoff)

The biggest financial asset in your portfolio is you (NYTimes)

David Einhorn wants Apple to issue all the preferred stock in the world (Dealbreaker)


Linkfest:Feb 21, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

How Air Asia stuck a deal with the Tatas (Mint)

Are Khullar’s warnings coming true? (BusinessLine)

MNC food giants eye a fast buck at Indian weddings (ET)

Bangalore firm on MIT’s 2013 list of most innovative companies (BS)

MCX does a BSE to boost traded turnover (Moneycontrol)

Tax free bonds open for subscription in 2013 (OneMint)

Debts and bills that we pay…and that we do not(Subramoney)

Another note on the purchase of Heinz (AlephBlog)

India’s growth problems in detail (BonddadBlog)

How to get a hedge fund job (WorldBeta)

US CEO writes an undiplomatic letter to France’s industries minister (Dealbreaker)