Linkfest:March 22,2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

2G operators face Rs 2,764 Crore charge for staying on air (BusinessLine)

Cobrapost sting thrashed by RBI (FE)

5 things you need in a secure credit card (Mint)

Did someone say closure in the 1993 Mumbai Blasts case ? (MumbaiMirror)

Raj Rajaratnam’s brother charged with insider trading (Bloomberg)

Looming divorce may threaten oil billionaire’s empire (Reuters)

Dell strategically reminding everyone how horrible it is (Dealbreaker)

“Sorry no gold, we sent it to China” (DailyReckoning)

When to take investing advice from Twitter (MarketWatch)

Here’s what I saw at Cyprus ATMs this morning (BI)

Some funny rich Delhi boy memes (Quora)


Linkfest:March 21, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Back to Square One (Mint)

Realty stocks take a hit (ET)

Gujarat to cover Narmada canals with solar panels (BusinessLine)

Does Indian sport need Sahara’s money? (Firstpost)

High powered incentives at banks (AjayShah)

Temperament and investing (GuruFocus)

Why global economies face an age of deflation (Bloomberg)

Barclays on EMs:Beware Bears (FT)

10 activist investors you should know about (Quartz)

Fake hedge fund manager sentenced to few years in prison (Dealbreaker)


Linkfest:March 20,2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Mallya asks:What about loan recovery from others? (FE)

Cabinet clears revised Food Security Bill (Mint)

2/3 rd population to get foodgrain at Rs1/3 per kg (ET)

Wockhardt set to join Billion $ club (BS)

Bharti Chairman faces criminal charges (WSJ)

Hidden cash lures Subbarao to Indian villages (Bloomberg)

The case for Saudi America (BI)

Cunning 17 year old prostitute tricked me, says UBS executive (Dealbreaker)

Its time to sell copper (DailyReckoning)

Warren Buffett pays Bill Gates 1800$ (WSJ)


Linkfest:March 19, 2013

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Repo rate cut given (Moneycontrol)

Chidambaram talks tough on loan defaulters (Mint)

SEBI Vs Sahara-Why this can happen only in India (ET)

HSBC set to cut 1000’s of jobs (CNBC)

IIPM epitomises how Indian business looks at value (Firstpost)

Magazine cover curse takes on new meaning in Asia (Bloomberg)

None dare call it theft (DailyReckoning)

Morgan Stanley:These 20 stocks will do awesome for years (BI)

Cyprus finds exciting new way to make everyone miserable (Dealbreaker)

What losing my job taught me about leading (HBR)


Linkfest:March 18, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

What the hell happened in Cyprus (EdmundConway)

Alstom India Head kidnapped and rescued (WSJ)

Even IIMs are struggling to place students (Mint)

FII flows may help markets scale new highs (BS)

Using home equity as retirement plan (Subramoney)

12 Cognitive biases that endanger investors (Minyanville)

Is the secular bear market coming to an end? (DailyReckoning)

The investor’s elegy (TRB)

The disconnect between the economy and the stock market (Businessweek)

SAC puts 10 days of insider trading behind it (Dealbreaker)