Linkfest:April 17, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Indian education is useless (BusinessLine)

Theme park in Lonavla (Firstpost)

7 Sins that are costing you money (ET)

IMF:Indian economy has bottomed out (Mint)

When lender misplaces property agreement (BS)

When simplicity is the solution (WSJ)

Sugar:Letting the invisible hand work (AjayShah)

To avoid the biggest investing mistake, stay strong (NYTimes)

The Central Bank dog ate my homework (InvesingCaffeine)

Wily 22 year olds force Morgan Stanley’s hand (Dealbreaker)


Linkfest:April 16,2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

More commodities get caught in gold price vortex (BS)

Why are jewellery stocks falling? (MInt)

Is Infosys a potential takeover target? (ET)

Indians losing confidence in gold (WSJ)

Commodities-They have no place in your portfolio (Pragcap)

Investors #1 Problem:Not saving enough (SRS)

The 10 Highest paid hedge fund managers in 2012 (Dealbook)

Warren Buffett on gold (Ivanhoff)

Value investing is not dead (IheartWallStreet)

Nehru-Gandhi dynasty-A legacy of betrayal? (SandeepWeb)


Linkfest:April 15,2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Why property is the biggest con job on investors (Firstpost)

Infosys stock could be dead money for investors:CLSA (ET)

Obituary: R P Goenka (Mint)

A new insurance sales fraud (Subramoney)

Research:Common factors in stock market seasonalities (SSRN)

Technology’s impact on the value of financial advice (NYTimes)

Former outsourcer describes how job destruction works (TheStar)

Everyone should be thrilled with the collapse of gold (BI)

My news consumption secret (TRB)

Selecting an investment manager (SystematicRelativeStrength)


Linkfest:April 11, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

M&M to launch hatchback (ET)

Vijay Mallya set to lose more assets (Mint)

Equity MF managers would like to forget FY 2013 (BS)

How to spot and deal with fake insurance agents (Firstpost)

Annus horribilis for car makers (Hindu)

Honda overtakes Bajaj to become # 2 in two wheeler market (Bloomberg)

Is Jeff Gundlach a leading indicator? (InvestmentNews) (Hattip LordLudus)

Does momentum investing work? (Morningstar)

Goldman Sachs:Short Gold (BusinessInsider)

A smart way to look at a dumb investing strategy (CapitalSpectator)


Linkfest:April 10, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Close knit circles hold sway over Asia’s largest onion market at Nashik (Mint)

Cognizant leases mega office space in Navi Mumbai (ET)

Bank FD investors may exit on falling rates (BS)

Are we in a bear market already?(Moneycontrol)

Cairn India shares gain on crude oil discovery (Bloomberg)

Thats so random (RPSeaWright)

In Silicon Valley, its good to be king (PandoDaily)

The new great rotation:From commodities to bonds (BigPicture)

Rick Rule’s favorite new thesis (DailyReckoning)

Japan’s currency war has just begun (MacroBusiness)