Linkfest:Feb 15, 2013

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

How realty slowdown is affecting Bollywood (ET)

As incomes rise, so do home loans (Mint)

Warren Buffett’s small cap mainstays (Seekingalpha)

List of best balanced mutual funds (OneMint)

Pay yourself first (Subramoney)

Soros said to make 1 Billion $ since Nov on Yen bet (Bloomberg)

Buffett’s favorite metric soars over 100% (PragmaticCapitalism)

Thriving on the dividend and buyback diet (CNNMoney)

Why HFT is not a problem (Falkenblog)

Out with the dragon, in with the snake (DailyReckoning)


Linkfest:Feb 14,2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Kingfisher’s lenders plan to start asset sales soon (WSJ)

SEBI freezes assets of Subrata Roy and two Sahara companies (ET)

Why are we shy of buying MFs? (Mint)

Sharp intra-day falls being orchestrated by bear operators (BS)

Kingfisher Air’s logical end accentuated Vijay Mally’s illogical life (Firstpost)

ONGC bans business activity with Shiv Vani for two years (BusinessLine)

Sharp ratio redefined (Cassandra)

Unusual moves in confronting Apple’s mountain of cash (Dealbook)

South Korea scours the Himalayas for staff (Bloomberg)

Understanding Warren Buffett’s dividend stock strategy (Investorplace)


Linkfest:Feb 13,2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Did rivals trap Unitech boss Chandra?(ET)

Banks recall KFA loans (Moneycontrol)

Indian generics in need of policy tonic (BusinessLine)

Why Indian IT firms are hiring failed entrepreneurs (Mint)

India Inc faces ‘M&A’ tax (BS)

Buyout boom shakeout leaving one in four to starve (Bloomberg)

The temptation to trade on confidential information (Dealbook)

Ray Dalio:Borrow cash and buy anything with it (BusinessInsider)

You haven’t seen the last of Vikram Pandit (Dealbreaker)

How to talk to Wall Street (JeffMatthews)


Linkfest:Feb 12, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

India car sales set to fall (WSJ)

Why Sunil Mittal choose Gopal Vittal (ET)

What makes Ashok Wadhwa tick as a dealmaker? (Mint)

Staffers on retail floor dash towards the exit (BS)

Derivatives trade by connected entities under the scanner (Moneycontrol)

Indiabulls Employee Welfare Trust dumps all its shares (CapitalMind)

Alternative investments as a source of investor fraud (NYTimes)

Notes from Bruce Berkowitz’s CSIMA presentation (MarketFolly)

Value stocks are in the eye of the beholder (Rickferri)

Seth Clarman:The oracle of Boston (Economist)


Linkfest:Feb 11, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

FII inflows into Indian stocks crosses $ 7 Billion in 2013 (ET)

Posco’s fading India dream (FE)

Power projects face high grade coal hurdle (Mint)

CIDCO offers 3.5 Crore/hectare for Navi Mumbai airport (BS)

Breach Candy Club in Mumbai offers new memberships at 60 Lakhs (MumbaiMirror)

Many HCL Tech hires yet to join the company (BusinessLine)

Guha gargles goo again ! (SandeepWeb)

Putin turns oil into gold (Bloomberg)

Thoughts on value, price and the confidence gap (AswathDamodaran)

What does a trading edge look like? (MercenaryTrader)