Linkfest:Nov 18,2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Despite slowdown, listed property developers show signs of relief (BL)

Watch n wait new strategy for car makers (FE)

Navi Mumbai airport:Alternate site works out cheaper (BS)

RBI Watch:5 Pillars of RBI’s Financial Sector Policies (RBI)

The mysterious woman behind Sahib’s obsession (MumbaiMirror)

SEBI panel mulls curbs on promoter trades (BS)

Where does success come from? (BigPicture)

Fee reduction is the purest form of Alpha (AllAboutAlpha)

Jim Chanos on taking risks early (TRB)

Say no to credit (Subramoney)


Linkfest:Nov 15,2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

The life of a market cycle guru (DailyReckoning)

Jim Rogers as a perma India bear (Mint)

JP Morgan falls into a Twitter trap (Salon)

Maruti’s Gujarat plant site draws real estate developers (BS)

Book Review:The Kings of Finance (BL)

Financial Advisers get little respect (RickFerri)

Got growth? (MarketAnthropology)

Watch out for these ten investment bubbles (DailyReckoning)

On Meredith Whitney’s new fund (Dealbreaker)

The coming pensions crisis (Subramoney)

What my neighborhood Jockey dealer has to say (JatinKhemani)


Linkfest:Nov 13,2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

New US Immigration Bill will decimate Indian IT companies (ET)

RCom’s opacity should irk investors (Mint)

CIDCO bats for hybrid model to levy fees for Navi Mumbai airport (BS)

Why western criticism of India’s Mars mission is blatant racism (Firstpost)

How to write your will (Subramoney)

10 laws of stock market bubbles (Street)

Ray Dalio:You are not going to generate alpha (Marketwatch)

Financial innovation is depressing (Bloomberg)

List of LIC’s closed plans (BasuNivesh)

Everything you need to know about stock market crashes (TRB)


Linkfest:Nov 12, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

The boom in India’s agricultural land prices (ET)

Indian Rupee:Vulnerable as ever (FE)

‘Satya 2 ‘ financier arrested in NSEL case (Mint)

Navi Mumbai airport project crosses last hurdle (BS)

India’s treasure hunt hits dead end (WSJ)

Has the UPA already given up? (BL)

Lesson:Don’t fight the global Fed (TRB)

Ayatollah’s property empire (Reuters)

3 ways to make your portfolio inflation proof (DR)

5 Things to avoid in the current stock market (SafalNiveshak)


Linkfest:Nov 11,2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

How this bull market is different (BL)

Daichi:Ranbaxy Singh Brothers hid facts (ET)

Sensex is at 16000 with stocks with lowest FII weightage (ET)

Recruitment advice noone tells you (Medium)

How govt selects bank chiefs (Mint)

Do the homework on real estate funds (BS)

Bankrupt bizman to sell 25 Husains to pay creditors (MumbaiMirror)

What I learnt in India’s fight against polio (BillGates)

Modi trusted for his vision of India’s future (UsualSuspects)

Treasure hunters of the financial crisis (NYTimes)

‘Managed Futures’ fees wipe out investor gains (WP)